The Lifetime Achievement Award

CHANB’s Lifetime Achievement Award annually recognizes someone who has inspired and mentored numerous others in Catholic health care and whose accomplishments, over the course of a career, have strengthened the ministry. His or her leadership extends past the Catholic Health Ministry to influence and impact the local community and beyond.
The recipient will be presented with the Lifetime Achievement Award at the Annual Conference of CHANB.
Nominees should have spent the majority of their careers in Catholic health care (at least 10 years).
Inspired and/or mentored a significant number of others in Catholic health care.
Accomplishments have helped strengthen the Catholic Health Ministry.
Recognized as a respected leader in Catholic health care.
Nominees may or may not be retired.
Nomination in a prior year does not preclude re-nomination for this or other awards.
Awards will not be presented posthumously.
The recipient will be recognized at the Annual Banquet.


The Midcareer Leadership Award

Honoring the young people who will guide our ministry in the future.
The Catholic Health Ministry of tomorrow will depend on strong leadership and passionate commitment to the healing mission.
Encouraging the promising young leaders of today to con􀆟nue their careers in the ministry, CHANB’s Midcareer award will honour impressive, dedicated, high‐performing individuals who already have demonstrated commitment to advancing the mission of Catholic Healthcare.
Nominees must be currently working in a ministry organization.
Must be age 50 or younger at time of nomination.
Nomination in a prior year does not preclude re-nomination for this or other awards.
Nominees are leaders who are making significant contributions to the ministry.
Through their leadership, provided prophetic witness to the mission of Catholic healthcare.
The Recipient will be recognized at the Annual Banquet.