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B – 459…And Dignity For All Despain, James & Converse, Jane B. 20031
B – 482A Canadian Social Charter Ministry of Intergovernmental Affairs 19911
B – 001A Caregiver’s Guide: Handbook about end-of-life Care MacMillan, Karen; Peden, Jacquie; Hopkinson, Jane & Hycha, Dennie 20042
B – 002A Chaplet of Memories of the First Fifty Years of the Hotel Dieu of St. Joseph, Chatham, NB Barry, Thomas F. 19194
B – 262A Culture of the Heart: Mission and Values in Catholic Healthcare Moser, Dianne 20101
B – 003A Dictionary of Biology Abercrombie, W.; Hickman C.J. & Johnson M.L. 19511
B – 004A Faith-Based Advance Directive for Health Care: A Catholic Approach Booklet   199713
B – 486A Handbook of Religious Practices CHA  1
B – 474A Handbook of Religious Practices of All Faiths CHP  1
B – 005A Preface to Politics Schuman, David 19771
B – 269A Seminar With Stanley Jaki Brungs, Robert A. & Postiglione, Sr. Marianne 19911
B – 006A sign of Hope Bernadin, Joseph Cardinal 19951
B – 007A Study of Pastoral Care in the Health Facilities of New Brunswick Tracey, John Rev. 19811
B – 008A Survival Guide to the Stress of Organizational Change Pritchett, Price & Pound, Ron 19951
B – 009A tale of two employees & the person who wanted to lead them Bart, Dr. Chris 20023
B – 010A time of grace: One Family’s Expenrience with Chronic Care Donovan, Daniel 19901
B – 011A Will and a Way: What the US can Learn from Canada about Caring for the Elderly Kane, Robert L. & Kane, Rosalie 19851
B – 369A Workbook On Community Accountability CHAUS 19952
B – 355A workbook on Redesigning Care: Becoming the Values-Driven, Low-Cost Provider CHAUS 19951
B – 319A World Growing Old Callahan, Daniel & Ter Meulen, Rudd H.J & Topinkova, Eva 19951
B – 012Abnormal Psychology Rosenhan, David L. & Seligman, Martin E.P. 19841
B – 309Abortion: The New Generation of Catholic Responses Heany, Stephen J. 19921
B – 400Abortion: The Silent Holocaust Powell, John 19811
B – 299Absolutes in Moral Theology? Curran, Charles 19681
B – 013Accompagnement et soins des malades (guide pratique) Delisle, Isabelle 19891
B – 014Accompagner la vie Paul-Cavalier, Francois 19901
B – 015Accompagner les malades Klopstein, Marie-Genevieve 20001
B – 433Accountability & Quality Assurance in Health Care Greenspan, Jack 19801
B – 016Acts of the Legislature of New Brunswick Passe During the Session of 1961-1962   19611
B – 017Administering Nursing Service DiVincenti, Marie 19772
B – 018Administrative Theory Griffiths, Daniel E. 19591
B – 019Adventure in Service Zurich, Evanston 19711
B – 020After we’re gone: creating sustainable Sponsorship Grant, Dr. Mary Kathryn & Vandenberg, Sr. Patricia 19982
B – 021Aging is a Family Affair Thompson, Wendy 19871
B – 357Alternative Delivery Systems Goldfield, Norbert & Goldsmith, Seth B. 18871
B – 022Alzeimer’s Disease: A call for Courage for Caregivers Adams, Martha 19861
B – 469An Inventory of Quality Initiatives In Canada Health and Welfare Canada 19931
B – 023Anatomy and Physiology Laboratory Manual Anthony, Catherine Parker 19671
B – 468Applied Strategic Planning Kent, Judy & Wilkinson, David G. 19911
B – 311Artful Childmaking Wakefield, John C 19781
B – 024Assessment and Placement for Adult Long-Term Care: A Single-Entry Module Minister of National Health and Welfare 19881
B – 245Atlantic Conference of Catholic Hospitals   19681
B – 387Basic Hospital Financial Management (Second Edition) Beck, Donald F. 19891
B – 025Be careful what you pray for.. You just might get it Dossey, Dr. Larry 19971
B – 456Beedahbun First Light of Dawn Leach, P. George & Humbert, Greg J. 19841
B – 352Bioethics Canada Dickens, Bernard M., Roy, David J., Williams, John R. 19941
B – 339Bioethics Committees Hosford, Bowen 19861
B – 026Bioethics in Canada Roy, David & Williams John & Dickens Bernard 19945
B – 027*Biographies of Members – Répertoire biographique des parlementaires (Bilingue) Legislative Assembly of New Brunswick 20041
B – 304Biomedical Ethics in a Canadian Context Kluge, Eike-Henner W. 19921
B – 248Boards that Make a Difference: A New Design for Leadership in Nonprofit and Public Organizations Carver, John 19971
B – 028Boom, Bust & Echo Foot, David K. & Stoffman, Daniel 19961
B – 029Bourinot’s Rules of Order Stanford, Geoffrey 19771
B – 280Building a Better Hospital Board Witt, John A. 19871
B – 487Building Community Support For People: A Plan For Mental Health In Ontario Graham, Robert 19881
B – 030Bulletin of the Pan American Health Organization Pan American Health Organization 19961
B – 354Business Ethics in Canada Poff, Deborah & Waluchow, Wilfrid 19871
B – 031Business Writing Quick & Easy Brill, Laura 19891
B – 032Called to Health & Healing: A Discussion Guide CHAC 19941
B – 395Canadian Almanac and Directory Walters, Susan 19711
B – 033*Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops Directory – Conférence des évêques Catholiques du Canada (Bilingue)   20001
B – 034Canadian Journal on Aging Canadian Association on Gerontology 19921
B – 360Caring People, Helping People Kane, Dolores RHSJ 19961
B – 347Case Studies in Medical Ethics Veatch, Robert M. 19771
B – 382Case-Mix Payment Systems For Nursing Home Care Grimaldi, Paul. PhD., Jazwiecki, Thomas. CPA 19871
B – 472Catholic Health International: Information Booklet, RHSJ of the Hotel Dieu of Kingston 2010 Hotel Dieu Hospital 20101
B – 367Catholic Health Ministry in Transition National Coalition on Catholic Health Care Ministry 20031
B – 465Catholic Health Ministry in Transition National Coalition on Catholic Health Care Ministry 19952
B – 282Catholic Health Ministry: Sharing the Healing Mission of Jesus Catholic Health Association of Ontario 19931
B – 264Catholic Identity in Health Care: Principles and Practice Griese, Orville N. 19871
B – 337Catholic Perspectives on Medical Morals Pellegrino, Edmund D. , Langan, John P. & Harvey, John C. 19891
B – 035Centenary The Sisters of Chatham, N.B. A sister of the congregation of the religious hospitallers of St. Joseph 19695
B – 036Changez d’attitude: Osez Agir, Osez Réagir Allain, Carol 20031
B – 378Charter for Health Care Workers Vatican City 19951
B – 399Chicago Studies Civitas Dei Foundation 19881
B – 418Child Care Programs for Health Care Organizations Allis, Jane Marsh 19891
B – 477Choices and Conflict Friedman, Emily 19921
B – 330Choose Life Mulligan, James J. 19911
B – 037Choosing a Government Ontario Conference of Catholic Bishops 19984
B – 038Church Property, Church Finances & Church-Related Corporations Maida, Adam J. & Cafardi, Nicholas P. 19841
B – 039Classroom Management: The Succesful Use of Behavior Modification O’Leary, K. Daniel & O’Leary, Susan G. 19721
B – 318Clinical Bioethics Dane, James F. 19941
B – 457Code Blue Gratzer, David 19991
B – 417Competition and Compassion Altman, Stuart H., Brecher, Charles., Henderson, Mary G. & Thorpe, Kenneth E. 19891
B – 343Concepts and Cases in Nursing Ethics Yeo, Michael 19911
B – 480Continuing the Commitment: A Pathway to Health Care Reform CHA 20001
B – 423Coping With the Credit Crisis Tutchings, Terrence R 19811
B – 040Counseling the Older Adult MacDonald, Patricia  & Haney, Margaret 19881
B – 041Culture, People, Nature: An Introduction to General Anthropology Harris, Marvin 19751
B – 042D-Day Memories: 35th Anniversary Hickey, R.M. 19791
B – 043De la Vie et de la Mort: Euthanasie et l’aide au Suicide Comité Sénatorial Spécial sur l’Euthanasie et l’Aide au Suicide 19951
B – 044De l’autre côté des larmes Pinard, Suzanne 19971
B – 045Dead Man Walking Prejean, Sr. Helen 19932
B – 046Death Dying and the Biological Revolution Veach, Robert 19891
B – 363Death in Technological Society: An Ethical Reflection on Dying Doucet, Hubert 19921
B – 410Delivering Mental Health Care: A guide for HMOs Boaz, John T. MD 19881
B – 377Determinants of HMO Success Heinen, LuAnn & Fox, Peter D. 19871
B – 290Determination of Death Moraczewski, Re. Albert S. OP, PhD & Showalter, J. Stuart JD, MFS 19821
B – 047Deviance: The Interactionist Perspective Rubington, Earl  & Weinberg, Martin S. 19731
B – 301Dimensions of the Healing Ministry Hug, James E. SJ 19891
B – 383Doctors’ Decisions and the Cost of Medical Care Eisenberg, John M.  MD 19861
B – 048Doing for Themselves (The RNA’s of NB) Smith, Inez 19901
B – 049Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff … It’s All Small Stuff Carlson, Richard, PhD. 19971
B – 050Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff at Work Carlson, Richard, PhD. 19981
B – 051Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff Workbook Carlson, Richard, PhD. 19981
B – 052Don’t Tell me It’s Impossible Until After I’ve Already Done It Lontos, Pam 19861
B – 053Drugs and the Elderly Ethel Percy Andrus Gerontology Center 19751
B – 489Dying: Towards a Better Understanding Ontario Advisory Council on Senior Citizens 19801
B – 054Easing the hurt Latimer, Dr. Elizabeth 19961
B – 276Education at the Crossroads Maritain, Jaques 19431
B – 055Effective Meetings: The Complete Guide Burleson, Clyde W. 19901
B – 419Elderly Housing Options Scott, Terrence J. & Maziarka, Robert F. 19891
B – 300Embodiment: And Approach to Sexuality and Christian Theology Nelson, James B. 19781
B – 056Emergency First Aid St. John Ambulance 19771
B – 442Essentials of Health Care Finance (Fourth Edition) Cleverley, William O. 19971
B – 386Essentials of Health Care Finance (Second Edition) Cleverley, William O. 19861
B – 490Establishing a Hospital Fund-Raising Foundation OHA 19871
B – 057Et passe la vie: Réflexions sur la mort et sur la vie Charest, Suzanne 19872
B – 338Ethics Frankena, William K. 19631
B – 058Ethics & Aging : Writings in Gerontology National Advisory Council on Aging 19931
B – 488Ethics and Aging Kenyon, Davidson, Saint-Arnaud, Harvey, Glass, Lynch 1993 
B – 059Ethics Committees: A Challenge for Catholic Health Care CHAUS 19843
B – 329Ethics Committees: A Practical Approach Craig, Robert P. EdD, Middleton, Carl L. Dmin & O’Connell, Laurence J. PhD, STD 19861
B – 060Ethics in Advertising Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops 19971
B – 333Ethics of Health Care Benedict M. Ashley, OP & O’Rourke, OP 19861
B – 061Ethique en Publicité Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops 19971
B – 249Étude des Installations de Santé dans la Province du Nouveau-Brunswick Weeks, John 19701
B – 479Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide Gula, Rev. Richard M. 19941
B – 277Evaluation of the Hospital Board and the Chief Executive Officer Moses, Richard P. 19861
B – 460Evaluative Criteria for Catholic Health Care Facilities CHAUS 19801
B – 366Excellence: Can we be Equal and Excellent Too? Gardner, John W. 19611
B – 451Executive Charisma: Six Steps to Mastering the Art of Leadership Benton, D.A 20031
B – 062Experimental Psychology Kling J.W. & Riggs, Lorrin A. 19711
B – 063Facing Death Kavanaugh, Robert 19721
B – 064Facing Death: Discovering Life Roche, James W. 19551
B – 310Faith and Challenges to the Family Smith, Russell E. 19941
B – 389Faith For Today Hogan, Richard M. & LeVoir, John M. 19881
B – 065Faithful to a Mission Cellard, André & Pelletier, Gerald 19904
B – 066Fast Growth: A career Acceleration Strategy Pritchett, Price 19972
B – 067Finance and Accounting for Nonfinancial Managers Droms, William G. 19901
B – 381Financing Health Care Eastaugh, Steven R. 19871
B – 396Finding Our Way Wheatley, Margaret J. 20071
B – 068First things first Covey, Stephen & Merrill, Roger & Merrill, Rebecca 19941
B – 069Flowers of the Sanctuary Reuter, Rev. F.A. 19231
B – 470Focused Organizational Analysis of Hotel-Dieu Grace Hospital, Windsor& Windsor Regional Hospital HayGroup 20021
B – 070Food for the journey Casey, Juliana 19912
B – 491For Discussion Purposes Only draft no.5 CHAO 19901
B – 292For the Good of All Ontario Conference of Catholic Bishops  1
B – 361For The Patient’s God Pellegrino, Edmund D. , Thomasma, David C. 19881
B – 398Forming Health Care Leaders: A Guide CHAC 20091
B – 071Foundations of Modern Sociology Spencer, Metta 19791
B – 434Four Strong Winds: Understanding The Growing Challenges to Health Care Decter, Michael B. 20001
B – 072Fundamental Skills in the Nurse-Patient Relationship Mercer, Lianner & O’Connor, Patricia 19741
B – 073*Future Role of Nursing Homes in New Brunswick – Role futur des fpyers de soins au N.-B. (Bilingue) NB Association of Nursing Homes 19931
B – 295Genetic Counseling, The Church, & The Law Atkinson, Gary M. PhD & Moraczewski, Albert S. O.P., PhD. 19791
B – 406Genital Encounter and Contraception: A Faith Perspective Brunelle, Gerard-E. 19831
B – 074Getting to the Heart of the Matter: A Facilitator’s Guide The Catholic Health Association – US 19991
B – 348Gift of Life: Catholic Scholars Respond to the Vatican Instructions Pellegrino, Edmund D. , Langan, John P. & Harvey, John C. 19901
B – 075Good News Bible: Today’s English Version   19861
B – 076Good News Bible: Today’s English Version Canadian Bible Society 19941
B – 077Governance/Sponsorship Models of Canadian Catholic Health Care Organizations McGowan, Rev. Michael & CHAC 19991
B – 288Governing With Distinction Wilson, Christopher R.M. PhD 19881
B – 078Government in Canada Hockin, T.A. 19761
B – 079Grandir, Aimer, perdre et grandir Monbourquette, Jean 19941
B – 350Growing Pains: Demands on Healthcare Trustees CHAUS 19882
B – 080Guide d’Ethique de la Santé Association Catholique canadienne de la Santé 20001
B – 081Guide d’Ethique de la Santé: Trousse (Atelier) ACCS 20001
B – 393Guide d’Ethique des soins de sante CHAC 19911
B – 082Guide to Caring for the mentally Impaired Elderly Ontario Association of Homes for the Aged 19851
B – 462Guide to Good Governance OHA 20051
B – 404Guidelines for Ethical Behaviour in Nursing College of Nurses of Ontario 19861
B – 405Guidelines on Research Involving Human Subjects Medical Research Council of Canada 19871
B – 476Handbook for Hospital Ethics Committees Rose, Judith Wilson 19861
B – 425Handbook of Clinical Laboratory Management Rubenstein, Norton M. 19861
B – 305Handbook on Critical Life Issues McCarthy, Donald G. PhD & Bayer, Edward J. STL 19821
B – 283Healing Medicare Decter, Michael B. 19941
B – 083Healing the dying Lynn, Mary Jane & Lynn, Dennis & Lynn, Matthew 19791
B – 084Healing the hidden self Leahy Shelmon, Barbara 19821
B – 085*Healing the Whole Person: A rationale for Spiritual and Religious Care in the Health Care Setting – Guérir toute la personne (Bilingue) CHAC 20021
B – 086Healing Words: The power of prayer and the practice of medicine Dossey, Dr. Larry 19931
B – 268Health Care and It’s Costs: Can the US Afford Adequate Health Care? Schramm, Carl J. 19871
B – 475Health Care Ethics Committees Ross, Glaser, Rasinski-Gregory, Gibson, Bayley 19931
B – 087Health Care Ethics Guide CHAC 19912
B – 394Health Care Ethics Guide CHAC 19911
B – 331Health Care Ethics: A Guide For Decision Makers Anderson, Gary R. & Glesnes-Anderson, Valerie A. 19871
B – 326Health Care Ethics: A Theological Analysis (First Edition) Benedict Ashley, OP & O’Rourke, Kevin D. 19781
B – 325Health Care Ethics: A Theological Analysis (Second Edition) Benedict Ashley, OP & O’Rourke, Kevin D. 19821
B – 345Health Care Ethics: Critical Issues for te 21st Century Monagle, John F. & Thomasma, David C. 19981
B – 384Health Care for the Indigient and Competitive Contracts Hillman, Diane G. & Christianson, Jon B. 19861
B – 458Health Care in the New Millennium Morrison, Ian 20001
B – 088Health Care Leadership Program: Anthology of Selected Readings McGowan, Rev. Dr. Michael 20011
B – 089Health Care Leadership Program: Anthology of Selected Readings: Catholic Health Care Ghesquiere, Kateri 19993
B – 090Health Care Leadership Program: Anthology of Selected Readings: Christian Anthropology Duffy, Maureen 19992
B – 091Health Care Leadership Program: Anthology of Selected Readings: Organizational Ethics Coughlin, Michael D. 20002
B – 443Health Care Management: Organization Design and Behanvior (4th edition) Kaluzny, Arnold D. & Shortell, Stephen M. 20001
B – 092Health Care Related to Abuse, Assault, Neglect and Family Violence Minister of National Health and Welfare 19891
B – 093Health Ethics Guide CHAC 20002
B – 094Health Ethics Guide: Workshop Kit CHAC 20001
B – 095Health Progress (Various Dates) CHAUS  
B – 096*Health Renewal Report NB – Renouvellement du système de santé (Bilingue) Premier’s Health Quality Council 20021
B – 452Healthcare Policy (Volume 1 no.2) Longwoods Publishing 20061
B – 453Healthcare Policy (Volume 1 no.4) Longwoods Publishing 20061
B – 373Helping Hospital Trustees Understand Physicians Thompson, Richard E.  1
B – 097Historical Memoranda on the Religious Hospitallers of St. Joseph Major Superiors of the Congregation 19591
B – 098History of Chatham, N.B. Godfrey, William R. & Elkin, Daniel E. 19621
B – 099History of Philosophy Turner, William 19291
B – 100Hospital Departmental Operations : A Guide for Trustees and Managers Chown, Ed 19891
B – 101Hospital Patience Larson, Norma 19861
B – 424Hospital-Physician Sponsored Primary Care Aday, Lu Ann., Anderson, Ronald M., Loevy, Sara Segal. & Kremer, Barbara 19851
B – 281Hospital-Wide Quality Assurance Wilson, Christopher R.M. 19871
B – 102How to break bad news Buckman, Robert 19921
B – 103How to Prepare a Speech Gerould Grimshaw, Ivan 19521
B – 413How to Write a Marketing Plan for Health Care Organizations Winston, William J. 19851
B – 312Human Sexuality and Personhood The Pope John Center 19811
B – 104Humanisation des milieux de santé Brusco, Angelo 19841
B – 403Influence Persuade and Win! Dacosta, Vince 19921
B – 358Information the Currency of Good Governance CCAF~FCVI  2
B – 408Inside Corporate America Cox, Allan 19821
B – 243Inspirational Leadership: Destiny, Calling and Cause Secretan, Lance 19991
B – 250Instant French Ouellet, Jo 19721
B – 342Institutional Ethics Committees and Health Care Decision Making Cranford, Ronald E., MD & Doudera, A. Edward, JD 19842
B – 291Instruction on Respect for Human Life in its Origin and on the Dignity of Procreation Vatican City 19871
B – 105Integrating Health & Values: Toward a shared vision – & discussion guide Roche, James W. & CHAC 19941
B – 106Intégrer Santé et Valeurs: à la recherche d’une vision commune – & guide de discussion Roche, James W. & CHAC 19941
B – 385Intergration of Clinical and Financial Information Systems Ross, Austin & Brown, Barbara 19861
B – 380Interorganizational Decision Making Tuite, Matthew. , Chisholm, Roger. & Radnor Michael 19721
B – 107Introduction to Patient Care: A Comprehensive Approach to Nursing Witter Du Gas, Beverly 19721
B – 108Introduction to Sociology Hiltunen Biesanz, Mavis & Biesanz, John 19731
B – 327Introduction to Statistics for Behavioral Science Hardyck, Curtis D. & Petrinovich, Lewis F. 19691
B – 414Involving Physicians in Product Line Marketing Cinningham, Lynn & Koch, Charles 19871
B – 427Issues in the Labour Management Dialogue: Church Perspectives Maida, Adam J. JCL, JD 19821
B – 109Jeanne Mance Allard, Sister RHSJ 19601
B – 110Jeanne Mance MacDermot, H. E. 19472
B – 111Jeanne Mance: Fondatrice de l’Hotel-Dieu et Cofondatrice de Montréal D’Hombre, Pierre  1
B – 112Jeanne Mance: Foundress of Hotel Dieu and Co-Foundress of Montreal D’Hombre, Pierre  1
B – 113Jérôme LeRoyer de la Dauversière Beaulieu, Bertille 19991
B – 114Jérôme LeRoyer de la Dauversière – his friends and enemies Béchard, Henri 19862
B – 115Jesus CEO: Using Ancient Wisdom for Visionary Leadership Jones, Laurie Beth 19952
B – 412Journal of Hospital Marketing Winston, William J. 19861
B – 364Journal of Ministry in Addiction & Recovery The Haworth Pastoral Press 19941
B – 289Journal of Religious Gerontology The Haworth Pastoral Press 19921
B – 335Just Rewards Olive, David 19871
B – 273Justice and Health Care Kelly, Sr. Margaret John PhD. DC 19841
B – 116Justice in the Workplace CHAC 19952
B – 117Keeping Hope Alive Lane, Demot A 19961
B – 118La Bioethique Roy, David & Williams, John & Dickens, Bernard 19942
B – 119La Justice en Milieu de Travail CHAC 19951
B – 120La mort Kubler-Ross, Dr. Elisabeth 19751
B – 121La Mort Bourgeois, Henri 19881
B – 122La Répartition des Ressources dans le Secteur de la Santé Roche, James W. 19961
B – 253La Visite et le Soin des Malades Delisle, Isabelle 19891
B – 123Labeling Deviant Behavior: It’s sociological Implications Schur, Edwin M. 19711
B – 285Labour Management Dialogue: Church Perspectives Maida, Adam J. JCL, JD 19821
B – 252L’Analyste: L’Homme et la Cité L’Analyste Inc. (Revue) 19881
B – 124Law & Medical Ethics Smith, Mason & McCall 19831
B – 125Le crash et le défi: Survivre de Montigny, Johanne 19921
B – 126Le Detroit de Silence: Un croyant face à la mort Guillaume, Alain 19821
B – 127Le Parrainage des Organismes Catholiques de Soins de Santé McGowan, Michael prêtre 20051
B – 254Le Retour de l’Enfant Prodigue Nouwen, Henri 19951
B – 336Leadership from Within Bender, Peter U. 19971
B – 128Legal Sex Rozovsky, L. E. & F. A. 19821
B – 129Les psycho-tiques Casera, Dominique 19781
B – 130Les soeurs grises de Montréal a la rivière rouge 1844-1984 Mitchell, Estelle 19871
B – 131Les triomphes de la Psychanalyse Daco, Pierre 19651
B – 267Let Me Decide Molloy M.B. FRCPCC,  Dr. William and Mepham, Virginia 19891
B – 242Let Your Life Speak: Listenning to the Voice of Vocation Palmer, Parker J. 20001
B – 328l’expérimentation biomédicale sur l’être humain Document de travail 61 19891
B – 132L’histoire de l’Association Catholique Canadienne de la santé Cellard, André & Pelletier, Gerald 19901
B – 356Liberté des enfants de dieu Coudreau, Francois 19801
B – 246Life With Billy Vallée, Brian 19862
B – 133Lift up your hearts to the Lord 1988 CHAC 19889
B – 134Lift up Your hearts to the Lord 2006 CHAC 20061
B – 483Linking Hospitals and Physicians CHA 19971
B – 135Living with Hope in Times of Illness CHAC 20041
B – 136Loss of the soul: Burnout Walker, Kelly 19971
B – 316Love and Profit the Art of Caring Leadership Autry, James A. 19911
B – 137Love Builds Mankind Lepp, Ignace 19711
B – 138Making Health Care Decisions Hamel, Ron 20061
B – 349Making Moral Choices Millier, Mark C.Ss.R 19971
B – 415Making the Future Work Diebold, John 19841
B – 447Management Decision Making Monahan, George E. 20001
B – 441Management Science Solow, Daniel & Mathur Kamlesh 19941
B – 416Managing Doctors Sheldon, Alan 19861
B – 139Managing to Win Carey, Raymond G, PhD. 19891
B – 140Man’s Search for Himself Rollo, May 19531
B – 492Manual of Guidelines on Clinical-Ethical Issues CHAUS 19902
B – 439Market-Driven Strategies in Health Care Coddington, Dean C. & Moore, Keith D. 19871
B – 426Marketing Health Care MacStravic, Robin E. 19771
B – 409Médecine et expérimentation Les Presses de L’Universite Laval 19821
B – 334Medical Ethics: A Guide for Health Professionals Monagle, John F. & Thomasma, David C. 19881
B – 255Medicare Myths Furlong, Dennis J. 20042
B – 141Medicine in New Brunswick Stewart, Dr. Brenton 19741
B – 142Ministry Engaged Mission: Resources for Sponsorship CHAUS 20041
B – 370Mission Driven Organnizations: A Board and Senior Leadership Guide to Mission, Values, Evaluation and Selection CHAO  1
B – 143Model Business Letters Cresci, Martha W. 19761
B – 144Modèles de direction et de parrainage des Organisations Catholiques Canadiennes de la Santé McGowan, Rev. Michael 19991
B – 371Modern Concepts of Hospital Administration Owen, Joseph K. 19621
B – 145Modern Ideologies Mark, Max 19731
B – 147Mourir accompagné Sebag-Lenoë, Renée 19861
B – 146Mourir Vivant Paul-Cavalier, Francois 19901
B – 428Multi-Institutional Hospital Systems Zuckerman, Howard S. PhD. & Weeks, Lewis E. PhD 19791
B – 148Neurosis and Human Growth: The Struggle Towards Self-Realization Horney, Karen 19701
B – 149New Testament Psalms The Gideons 19611
B – 150*New Testament Psalms – Nouveau testament et psaumes (Bilingue) The Gideons  1
B – 151Newton’s Geriatric Nursing Anderson, Hellen C. 19711
B – 302No Room in the Marketplace: The Health Care of the Poor CHA US 19862
B – 445Nothing’s Wrong: A Man’s Guide to Managing His Feelings Kundtz, David 20041
B – 391Nun, Witch, Payment Richardson, Hebert W. 19711
B – 372Nurse Staffing Brown, Barbara J. 19801
B – 152Nursing Care Planning Little & Carnevali 19691
B – 153Nursing Service Administration Managing the Enterprise Donovan, Hellen M. 19751
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