Values Integration Appraisal Process (VIAP)

The Values Integration Appraisal Process (VIAP) for Catholic health care organizations is meant to allow a Catholic health care organization to reflect on, appreciate, celebrate and build upon the values driven actions that are happening on a daily basis in the organization.

The process will also highlight the values that guide and inspire an organization to continue to be a compassionate Catholic health care facility.

Finally, the VIAP provides an opportunity to identify areas related to the mission and values of the organization that may need to change or improve.

The Values Integration Appraisal Process is a valuable tool for:

  • Identifying the extent to which the values of an organization have been integrated at all levels,
  • Educating the Board, management and all levels of staff about Catholic health care and the organization’s values,
  • Providing a benchmark for on-going growth to the organization and Sponsor.

The VIAP produces a snapshot of the way values are lived within the organization as
seen by those who know it well, Board members, management, physicians, staff,
patients, residents, family members and volunteers.

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